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Harness Ethos: Subscription Philanthropy
Harness Ethos: Subscription Philanthropy

Our beliefs guide our best practices & support to you.

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Donors & Non-Profits

  • We believe there's a SHIFT in who is giving, how and why they're giving, and the ways they expect to be stewarded.

  • We believe donors have grown weary of being communicated with in traditional ways and through the same mediums used by every other charity - we believe they deserve better.

  • We believe the non-profit market is growing and becoming more competitive, forcing non-profits to adapt and overcome new challenges.

  • We believe charities are awakening to the revelation that it's time to do something different - innovate, expand, evolve.

  • We believe the SHIFT demands a RESPONSE.


What Will You Decide?

  • We believe you need to increase giving and acquire and steward more loyal supporters with less resources.

  • We believe you have the choice to continue doing the same things expecting different results OR step out beyond the shore of familiarity and lead your donors and fellow non-profits into a new era.

  • We believe you no longer need to be unaware of or intimidated by bringing for-profit-class technology and strategy to the non-profit market.

  • We believe the BEST response for you is to refocus your energy towards creating such a meaningful, impactful experience for your donors (and a seamless one for you!) that you not only attract and retain donors but you convert them into an army championing your organization.

  • We believe you have far more valuable insight and creative energy to contribute to your cause than "crunching numbers" and exporting reports.

  • We believe your best RESPONSE is HARNESS.



  • We believe in working smarter, and that means bringing best-in-class technology and modern stewardship tools to the table.ย 

  • We believe in an outrageous "exchange rate" - your initial investment in exchange for unlimited sustainable revenue.

  • We believe that with Harness you can offer your donors a more gratifying experience than they've ever had.

  • We believe HARNESS is the FUTURE of fundraising - and it's here. It's time.

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