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Inviting New Admins to Your Dashboard
Inviting New Admins to Your Dashboard

How to add teammates to your Admin Dashboard

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Your Administrators

Your Harness Admin Dashboard features many tools that will be valuable to various persons within your organization (marketing, finance, development, administration, etc.). Once you decide internally who needs access to this information, you can easily invite them to become a fellow Admin via email.

*Note - ALL admins have equal permissions. Want Harness to offer categories of admins or special admin permissions/limitations? Click here to submit your request.

Inviting Admins

There are 2 WAYS to INVITE ADMINS to your team:

  1. Onboarding
    During your initial onboarding process (email you received asking you to complete 3 onboarding steps) via an "Invite Admins" link.

  2. Anytime
    In your Harness Admin Dashboard under Settings > Teammates > Invite Teammate


  • Is there a limit to the number of Admins I can invite?
    No - invite away! :)

  • My teammate didn't receive the email invitation, what do I do?
    99.9% of the time invites not seen immediately in your inbox land in your email provider's spam/junk folder. Please double-check these areas before reaching out.

  • Can my teammates share a log-in?
    They can, but for security, we encourage each teammate to have their own personal login credentials.

  • It doesn't look like my teammate created an admin account, what do I do?
    Admin invitations expire after 48 hours for security. Please delete and re-add your teammates here if this occurs.

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