Here's the have a limited amount of time, energy, staff & other resources to do all that you do. (I think I just heard an "Amen!") 🙋‍♂️

While one-time gifts may be more popular among donors by default, that doesn't mean you should only ask for one-time gifts!

It takes just as much effort to ask a donor for a MONTHLY gift as a ONE-TIME gift - so go for it! Worst case scenario? You'll end up with a one-time gift anyway. Best case scenario? You'll receive an average gift of $25/mo that donors, on average, tend to maintain for 3-5 years!


  • Stable, consistent revenue for your org

  • No more chasing down donors year after year

  • Frees your time to focus on more creative fundraising efforts


  • We know that a $10 monthly donor is more valuable to your organization in the long run than a one-time $100 donor.

  • We also know a one-time donor is more likely to become a regular donor if given a great experience & compelling argument. 

  • Small monthly donors will continue to give month-over-month, year-over-year, often for an average of 5 years or more!


So how do you attract NEW donors and convince your current one-time donors to support your mission monthly? 

Well, you have to give them a reason(s).

First-Time Donors
For NEW donors, this takes a bit more effort because they likely and understandably need more information and interaction before being willing to part with their hard-earned $. (You tend to research products and services before you buy them, right?) 

They need to know:

  1. Why do you exist? What problem are you solving? 

  2. HOW are you solving this problem?

  3. Why do you need THEIR support, specifically? 

  4. Are you a good steward of your resources (fiscal)?

  5. How are you different from/better than other charities in this market?

  6. Why should I give YOU my $?

Current Donors
For your current donors, this is easier, because you've already convinced them at least once to make a financial sacrifice to you/your cause, but they now need to know why they should make that next step of commitment.

They need to know:

  1. How much more of an impact will my regular gift make more than my one-time gift?

  2. What perks/benefits will I receive to become a monthly giver?

  3. What happens if I can't make my monthly gift? Will I be penalized or will I have to deal with a big admin hassle of addressing this with the charity? 

If your organization doesn't know the answers to any of these questions (and/or if you don't have a way to quickly and easily communicate this with your donors when they ask, or these aren't already addressed on your Web site), this is your 1st step.


What makes a monthly/recurring giving program successful?

Your donor receives an equal or greater value in exchange for their investment.

What do recurring donors value? IMPACT & REWARDS

Recurring donors want to know why their recurring donations mean MORE to you than a one-time donation.

  1. Do their funds support a specific initiative you have (campaign or branch of your mission)?

  2. Do their funds support "general operations" (message: "Without YOU, we couldn't do what we do") or your "area of greatest need" (message: "You help us ensure that help is provided where it's needed most.")?

Recurring donors want to be treated differently than your one-time donors.

  1. Are you offering them an invitation to be a part of an "exclusive club" within your organization that receive special perks & benefits?

  2. Do they receive perks/benefits like insider information, early-access to program updates or event invitations, physical items ("Swag Bag" - your T-shirt, mug, tote, etc.), "chance-to-win" opportunities, etc.?

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