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Are Round-Ups Immediate?
Are Round-Ups Immediate?

Does change get donated immediately after every purchase?

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To avoid high credit/debit processing fees, the change from your donor's round-up transactions are NOT processed immediately & are rather accumulated and withdrawn as one lump sum at the end of the month.  

If round-ups were to be charged immediately, you would receive little to no donations (and/or OWE $ - yikes!).

For example: A donor buys a coffee for $3.60 so $0.40 rounds-up to the next dollar.

$0.40 x (2.9% + $.30 processing fee) = $0.31 processing fee

$0.40 round-up - $0.31 fee = net $0.09

To ensure your organization receives the most support possible and your donor can control their monthly giving through their card activity & setting a max cap, these round-up donations accumulate throughout the month and your donors receive only (1) charge for this on the last day of the month.

For example: A donor makes 30 purchases throughout the month that accumulates $27.04 in spare change.

$27.04 x (2.9% + $.30 processing fee) = $1.08 processing fee

$27.04 round-up - $1.08 fee = net $25.96

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